Nude girls in the bathroom wrestling? A nice gallery of hair pulling catfight pictures for fans of female fighting and grappling featuring a couple of naked girls wrestling in the shower!
Two naked girls taking a shower together, nothing very strange about that, right? Sharing the soap, washing each other's back and shampooing their hair...till one decides to tell the other she's been fucking her boyfriend! It started as a gentle hair pull, but then...
nude girls in the shower picture
female grappling picture
Grabbing her girlfriend by the hair, this naked babe forced her to the shower floor (well the bathtub, actually) by yanking her long brown tresses. All catfights start with some hair pulling, right? It wouldn't be a REAL catfight without some hair pulling and screaming, come on!...
Now the tables are turned! Tits bare and dripping wet, this shower wrestling match heats up as one naked girl pins the other to the floor and gives her hair a yank!...
hair pulling catfight picture
naked shower wrestling picture
She's fighting back and pulling hair! Nude girls fighting in the shower is always worth a front row seat, right? Now let's see some hard tit pulling and nipple biting! Go, girls, go!...
OH-OH! No tit pulling but a good toilet head dunking coming up! Pulling her naked girlfriend's hair as she gets ready to give her swirly for fucking her boyfriend! I wonder if the lucky guy knows these two were also soon licking each other's hot little pussies on the bathroom floor after getting turned on by this naked shower wrestling bout?
hair pulling in the bathroom picture

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