"Buff bitches who enjoy cracking a man's head in the ring!" Muscle Wrestlers - Female Bodybuilders Beat Men In The Wrestling Ring Picture
Female Bodybuilders Beat Men In The Wrestling Ring!
"Males twisted into pretzels by ripped muscle sluts!"
Slapped In A Full Nelson By A Female Bodybuilder
"Full Nelson!"

Is it any wonder that men run in fear when a huge female bodybuilder decides she wants to drag them into the ring and humiliate them in front of everyone in the gym?
Locked In A Head Scissors Wrestling Hold
"Nut Cracker Thighs!"

Caught between the huge bulky thighs of a buff muscle bitch as she puts you into a submission head scissors hold and cracks your skull like a walnut!
Spinal Adjustment By Buff Bitches In The Wrestling Ring
"Spinal Adjustment!"

Maybe she'll pin you down and make you sniff her hot sweaty crotch and rub her huge clit against your face as you struggle for breath!
Female Body Builder Does Some Hot Facesitting
"Smell Hot Clit!"

Or she could throw you to your knees and use your head as a prop as she practices her bodybuilding poses for an upcoming muscle girl contest!
Hardcore Headlock From A Ripped Woman Bodybuilder
"Hardcore Headlock!"

Muscle wrestlers only care about one thing - seeing their male foes sexually humiliated and dominated like a little bitch!
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Forced Into Submission By Big Muscular Female Wrestlers!